Narrative Distance: A Toolbox for Writers and Editors

Learn how to recognize and control narrative distance in a novel using an accessible continuum-based framework.

Narrative (or psychic) distance is a complex topic. This webinar demystifies it. With it, I teach professional fiction editors and commercial fiction authors how to recognize narrative distance, edit with confidence and deliver a better reader experience. You'll learn about:

  • What narrative distance is
  • Common narrative styles in fiction
  • Why authors and editors need to understand distance
  • The narrative distance continuum framework
  • Frequent problems with distance
  • Stylistic tools that offer solutions

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Told me masses of new stuff, and gave me a set of new tools to use immediately.’
SoA @ Home Festival​ attendee

‘I'm an experienced line editor and often deal with narrative distance issues, but her visualisation of the five different points of distance really made something click and simplified this complex area. I think that will really help when trying to explain it to some of my authors.’
CIEP 2021 conference attendee

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