How to Write the Perfect Fiction Editorial Report

Want to become a fiction editor? Learn about how to edit fiction at sentence-level with confidence.

This course teaches you how to create compelling editorial reports that are:
  • COMPREHENSIVE: Rich in detail – additional value that will knock your author's socks off.
  • CRITICAL: Packed with honest, professional analyses of the problems you found and clear explanations of the solutions you've offered.
  • CONSTRUCTIVE: Mindful of the author's emotional, financial and physical investment in their writing.

I'll show you what to include in your reports, how to structure the information, and how to frame it so that it validates your work and deepens the author's craft.

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‘Will undoubtedly help any sentence-level editor save HOURS of thinking and writing time.
Sophie Playle, fiction editor

‘This course was an excellent investment and a joy to work through thanks to the beautifully presented material and Louise's lovely, upbeat delivery style.’

Angela Bissell, fiction editor

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